Military buttons and badges imagePatriot Pockets is an idea born of a service career cut short and a lifetime of appreciation to those who have, do and will serve in the armed forces of our nation. The passion for Patriot Pockets was ignited when faced with the question of what to do with our uniforms and the gift of a uniform from a great friend returning from deployment. The question posed was surely something that faced many other military-connected families. The answer, for us, was Patriot Pockets.

Air Force Detail ImagePatriot Pockets is a fledgling business founded around the mission of honoring the service of veterans and first responders, while preserving tangible aspects of the memories they hold. The idea is to honor them and to remember their service, especially through the uniforms they so proudly and honorable wear. We carefully and skillfully convert military, law-enforcement and first responder uniforms into popular lifestyle accessories include zippered bags, messenger bags, clutches, purses and more.

Z9 Core Bag Detail - 82nd Airborne DivisionWe strive to involve veterans, their spouses and their families in the ideas and work that drive our business. Our goal, through both products and projects, is to demonstrate respect and lasting appreciation for all who serve and who have served. Patriot Pockets products are handcrafted from service-worn uniforms from all branches of the military, fire and police departments and EMS squads. Unlike other manufacturers (who work with predominately new surplus material), Patriot Pockets relies specifically on service-worn uniforms for the material that we use. We can even convert your uniform into the designs we create. When you purchase from us, you know that the product you receive served with a veteran or even an active duty solider, sailor, marine or first responder.

US Flag PatchLike so many veteran-owned businesses, we are starting small. You’ll find a small selection of products here in our online store, but our hope is to expand the product line (we have dozens of designs ready) and evolve into a full-fledged Patriot Project. Our goal, as we grow, is to give back in a variety of ways. We hope to honor those who have served, and we’ve got a lot of ideas about how to do that. But for now, take a look at the first line of hand-crafted products from service-worn uniforms.