Take a look – my portfolio spans more than 25 years of creative design, photography, web and fine art.

A lot of what you’ll find are designs for business – logos, brochures and web pieces created to promote a business, build a brand or simply entice customers. The works are organized by tags so you can see just what you need to see. The images are varied and include both completed works, sketches and ideas. The featured image is a page of sketches from a very long time ago; back before Macs were the mainstay of the studio when Tombow® pens and Prismacolor® markers were the best way to get ideas to paper. While today I rely constantly on the Adobe Creative Cloud and a variety of Macs, the creative process also always begins with putting pen to paper. Maybe I am “old school,” but there is something tremendously satisfying about the feel of ink flowing onto the texture of a nice paper.

Sketch from American Series of Serigraphs


Naturally, the portfolio is here to convince others to use my services. But another part of the motivation is to catalog and share ideas and perspective. It has been long time since I’ve accumulated and organized my work – it’s somehow therapeutic to but this together. The rough drawings shown here are from a sketch book I started as a freshman in college. Searching through these old journals brings back so many memories, ideas and aspirations – I even found a clipping where the now-defunct magazine Step-By-Step Graphics published one of my graphic techniques. So, if you’re considering my work and capabilities, I think you’ll find a wealth of experience and a desire to meet smart objectives. If you’re just browsing, maybe you’ll find something interesting—dare I hope, inspiring?

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