The Image Forge

Hot iron on the anvil

The Image Forge was founded as a full-service creative design and strategy firm. We forged innovative strategies, designs and ideas in tenacious pursuit of our client’s business objectives. By combining award-winning creative talents with proven strategic planning abilities, The Image Forge has produced powerful results for small- and medium-sized businesses throughout the Southeastern U.S. We have the experience to know that creative design is only part of the communications equation. Your brand, your advertising, your website – everything you do to communicate your business has to respect the parameters of your business objectives, your budget and your market.

Today, The Image Forge has matured into a business strategy consultancy. Working with select clients, we consult and advise on strategic planning, marketing and messaging development and digital communication direction. Leveraging nearly three decades of experience, we work with clients whose objectives, values and stakeholders closely align with the character and essence of our own principals.


The Image Forge brings together a wealth of business experiences, successful creative design and a keen understanding of marketing and communications. From our earlier days as the Marker Graphics Consortium, we have always focused on producing cutting-edge design with the parameters of a successful business.

In late 2002, banking fifteen years of experience in marketing and design, founder Martin Kent Miller was looking for new challenges and creative freedom. He knew that design had to serve the needs of business in marketing, but he also had seen good work passed over by corporate bureaucracy. Over several months (and more than a few pots of coffee), Martin outlined the idea for an agency that could serve big corporations but that was small-business friendly. Bolstered by the growth of freelance clients’ businesses and encouraged by the support of his wife, Martin opened The Image Forge in early 2003.


At The Image Forge we have two goals: to be part of your team, and; to produce ideas and strategy that support your business objectives.

Being a part of your team seems like an obvious goal. But think for a moment about a web & marketing firm that works seamlessly with your business. It means we operate within your existing structure and your budget. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty, even if it means snapping together a trade show floor at 1:00AM.

Brilliant, award-winning designs are failures unless they grow your business. That’s why our creative & strategy teams coexist by design. Our founder was educated by both military instructors and art professors resulting in a rare combination of design talent and strategic acumen. This leadership drives us to develop creative work that is always tied to strong strategic goals.


Since the early days as a consortium of designers and illustrators, The Image Forge has focused on applying creative design to solid business objectives. We win awards, but that acclaim is secondary to providing our clients with marketing materials and websites that grow their business. Our starting point is always your business objectives and direction.

From branding projects to websites and everything in between, we put our experience and proven track record to the test in every project we tackle. We are driven by the challenge of creating distinctive and innovative solutions. Our goal is to help you forge a successful business through a clear and concise marketing message that is relevant to your customers.We show you how a professional, consistent brand image is important to your business goals.

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